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Kennesaw, GA
About Me

I am all about: “Advocating Together for Autism Safety, Individual Rights, Positive Self Beliefs & Barrier-free Community Life.” I aim to connect families with fellowship, mutually beneficial work toward a culture of full inclusion, and advocacy projects that make 'family life with childhood disability' not only visible but also relevant.

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My Story

I want to connect with other parents in community support and inclusive community development. I took a three year break from my job as a site director for a preschool child life program to reflect on my ways in which the synthesis my identity today has been a culmination of my life as a mother of a medically fragile autistic child now a disabled adult, and my career journey with prehospital medicine, child life and family resilience, family-centered care. I am always trying to find constructive, productive, meaningful ways to share my family's experience with with IDEA, ADA, “ Universal Design, Child Life, Transition Planning, and Accommodated Independence in Adulthood and the giant services gap.

I feel like I have lead a double life! I was a leader at work focused on best practices and the kind of childhood I believe all children have the right to experience. The rest of my time and energy has been spent pioneering, at the point of the plow, childhood and now adulthood with my own family, and joining other families in solidarity so fewer (and fewer) of us are toiling alone, and we are empowering each other by learning from each other's sojourns.

I had an epiphany! I have done a lot to empower and inform our community because it is the right thing to do, and it gives meaning to the many difficult ordeals my family has gone through, especially our son. I did it for free because it was direly necessary. Working for free has taken its toll on my family too, though. I want to devote my professional time to advocacy, education, and training in the "autism professional community."

I am passionately invested in Child and Family Injury Prevention and Emergency Preparedness advocacy. I want to engage First Responders and Public Health agencies in discourse and programs about these topics so I am always knocking on doors and calling offices. If you share this interest, PLEASE find me. I am also diligently (I mean vehemently) advocating for mental health as a medical concern, autism & mental health, and well-being as crucial aspects of Injury Prevention and Emergency Preparedness in every domain on every level.

I am a visual artist with a passion for doll-making. My other passion is learning American Sign Language (ASL) and bringing ASL to the autism community as a valid form of AAC.

Let's connect:)

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