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Our Story

When Lindsey L. Turner saw friends and relatives with special needs having problems accessing their communities and finding the services they needed, he decided to do something about it. Special Needs Communities was born out of his passion for helping people with special needs experience life to the fullest. The goal: to provide an online special needs provider database and educate businesses, government offices, churches, and virtually any organization or individual to better treat people with special needs. Our mission is to inspire the world to treat everyone, regardless of their abilities, with love and acceptance.

Lindsey has a long history of reaching out to the special needs community. Nearly a decade ago, he created a non-profit organization to host events for families with loved ones who have special needs. As Lindsey developed great friendships with many families, he saw the challenges they faced doing everyday things, like going to dinner, seeing a movie, or spending an afternoon at a mall. Families also shared with him the hurt and sadness they felt when they were treated poorly in public.

Lindsey concluded people are not intentionally rude or malicious; they just need education about how to engage with the population with special needs. When he discovered no organizations existed to provide an easy-to-use provider database, as well as to properly train businesses, government agencies, and individuals how to treat people with special needs, he founded Special Needs Communities.

Special Needs Communities is a free, community-based website and app, and is the easiest place to find special needs providers and friendly businesses. When you download the free SNC app or visit our website, you’ll become part of a great community of individuals and families with special needs. You can join forces with other users, share your experiences, and discuss places to go and products to use. You can also upload photos, share stories, and ask questions.

Special Needs Communities offers the official special needs certified guidelines for how to properly interact and engage with, as well as provide a great experience and environment for people with a special need or disability. We translate these guidelines into the highest quality online training videos for healthcare professionals, first responders, business owners, employees, churches, and the general public. Once certified, you are able to join the community and receive a premium business listing, SNC window decals, SNC web badge, access to a certification training portal for all your staff and much more. Special needs providers who provide a direct service to individuals with special needs, and are essentially already special needs friendly, can join the community at no cost and create a free listing.

If your organization or conference needs to train volunteers, employees, or a session leader to speak on the subject of special needs, we would be happy to partner with you, offer training, or attend your event. For more information, contact us here.

What We Do

Create a society where everyone, regardless of their abilities, is treated with love and acceptance.

How We Do It

Educate cities, businesses, and organizations about the population with special needs, how to properly interact with someone with special needs, and how to create accepting environments.

Moving Forward

Our goal is to have certified cities, businesses, and organization in every state, as well as help provide employment opportunities for individuals with special needs and disabilities.

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