Jun 28, 2016
HI Stace,

My name is Stephanie. I have a son with DS and Autism. It was ten years for us as well, before my husband and I spent time alone. "Dates" aren't even in our vocabulary. About 4 years ago we arranged for a friend to look after Eli for 5 days. Of course, she was a rare jewel as there aren't many who know how to look after Eli. We went on a camping tour and it was the best thing we could've done for us, our relationship, and for Eli. Returning refreshed meant we could give him more. I look forward to the next time. The other positive aspect to leaving Eli with other capable adults, is that he learns how to interact with them. He learns how to be in circumstances and communicate with others without depending 100% on me or his dad. It's emotional for me more than it is for Eli. I deal with a little guilt and discomfort because he is a constant in my life. Whereas, Eli enjoys a little space without mom and dad around. It's good for him. I bet your daughter is going to benefit from your absence as well. Even it she doesn't know how to react at first. And it will be so good for you! You'll come back refreshed and ready to go. I hope this is an encouragement to you. I hope you have a wonderful vacation full of peace and laughter as well!! Sincerely, Stephanie