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Special Offer | ELI Project
More About ELI Project
ELI Project is a 501c3 non-profit that provides love and comfort to families with special needs by hosting events in safe environments where they can come together and connect with others...because Every Life’s Important.

ELI Project serves over 2,000 families, annually hosts over 40 events, and sponsors monthly connect groups and social outings.

ELI Project has a location in Georgia, USA and in Wales, UK. ELI Project plans to visit other states and countries to train and equip them to create ELI Projects in their area.
2 Shared Experiences

"Safe, fun, generous, respectful, GENEROUS! "

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September 10, 2015
My family has been to five Golden Soldiers Events. We have been to Four BIG DAY OUTS. We have been to one movie. Aside from being a GREAT VALUE, the staff and volunteers have bee nothing but generous, kind,m respectful, helpful, fun and the events were top quality! We LOVE the Golden Soldiers! We will participate in any event that they hold if we are able to be there. I highly recommend Golden Soldier events to any family who has any type of special needs!
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Comment from ELI Project
September 14, 2015 • Jennifer, thank you so much for the great review!
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Woodstock, GA

"Wonderful experiences"

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May 31, 2015
We first heard about the Golden Soldiers a few years ago with a Big Day out in Alpharetta. We decided to stop by, as there were not many places we could take our son yet, where we would not feel awkward.
We were amazed by the scale of it all, and the open arms feel from everyone involved.
We have been going to Big Day Out ever since. It is a wonderful time for our son to shout, laugh, and be a himself, instead of trying to be like everyone else's kid.

I also went to a Man Cave meeting, and met some awesome people. We shared stories, exchanged information about services and events, and I even found a great Special Needs Attorney out of it!

And the movies that are hosted by Golden Soldiers allowed our son to see his first big screen movie. I spent more time watching him that the movie. His face was worth everything that led to it.

Thank you Golden Soldiers for giving us a chance to relax and be ourselves!
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  • Feeling of Acceptance
  • Treated with Kindness and Respect
  • Likelihood to Return
  • Likelihood to Recommend
Comment from ELI Project
June 25, 2015 • Steve, thank you so much for sharing your experience. We are so glad you enjoy Golden Soldier events.